our future

When I dream about our future
when I 'm lost in thoughts with you
I see us walking through the pasture
underneath the sky of blue

I see the sheep and how they’re grazing
no worries there of what will be
nothing of a time that's racing
only peace and harmony

When I dream about our future
when I'm lost in thoughts with you
I wish the time would pass much faster
and my dreams - they would come true
 even without the blue sky  - a dream!

Breakfast buffet

Breakfast in bed was never said 
so we headed for the table 
that was more stable
There was for all
a guilt ridden pleasure
of the morning call
Jams and honig 
and cafe quite strong 
a table laden so long
with croissants ,beurre 
and all things nice 
embarassing to say
we all returned twice!

we polished it all off 😂

wish you a nice Sunday breakfast

knotty art

A little wooden baby boar
just came off an English moor
It seems to be
quite scared of me
I 'm not,  what it was looking for
Anyway - it will be fine
with all the other woods in line
I‘ll nail them all 
on the wall 
as a knotty art design

my beautiful baby

I love my beautiful baby in the morning light
her pureness and loveliness
a gorgeous woman and sight 
I love her smile and her amazing ways 
and all the wisdom that she says 
lips and eyes to make me sigh 
bosom like the mountain peak sky high 
best is no lie
come to me, beautiful baby
Text: the student 


She sleeps at midnight
without a care in the world
refined and unconfined
with all the noughts and crosses
of the worlds unjust losses

She dreams at dawn
with her arms outstreched wide
until her eyes open
and the lines are spoken
of the unfairness that surrounds
all journeys abound
out at the point

She slumbers in the morning
with her thoughts in her head
unabashed and tormented
but a level head full of senses
of what is right and fair
to offer an outreached hand to care

the student

like a buttercup

Like a buttercup
cupped in my arms
like a delicate piece of string
entwined next to me

The warmth of a bosom
breathing so slow
silence and peace
pervades throughout

Holding her close
eyes adrift
embrace and behold
that morning gift

the student

a love so pure

P1010652 (Medium)

A love so pure

is strange

to a mature

and sophisticated world

too innocent

to one who is up to all the dodges

too magical

for daily lifes banality

too deep

that it could be understood

a love so pure

is rare

but despite all doubts

that flooded my heart

it simply happend

to me