to a beautiful girl

Happy Birthday
to a beautiful girl,
who races through
and gently glides
like an awe inspiring whirl
she gives a twirl
like nobody else
and touches each
and every face
a mind so sharp
like a cutting board knife
from which so much love
flows immeasurably deep
and joy and emotion
is shown to seep


Text: the student /passagesbetweendrapes



bed socks

Bed socks bed socks
is what I need
they keep me warm
against the cold winter breeze
I love the feel
of the soft flouncy thread
as I curl my toes
around you in my bed
no draft is here
that is for sure
as the tender touch
s so pure
wild love making or not
the bed socks remain
of which there is no shame
whoever wants to be the same…

44715360 - female legs in christmas socks under a blanket of fur. toning image

the Student




relaxing lady

Foot soak, hip soak, back soak
to ease the aches and pains
for we have been pounding the country lanes

bath soak, herbal remedies aromas and bubbly fun
a tipple or two, champagne on ice
shall I call a lover later, that would be oh so nice…



Text: The student /passagesbetweendrapes