the brig empire

Ein Freund von mir hat die Region, in der ich wohne mal als „the brig empire“ bezeichnet. Das hat mir natürlich geschmeichelt und mich zum Dichten inspiriert. Empire passt zu meinem Familiennamen Meier und zu vielen anderen Worten, welche ich danke der Reimemaschine gefunden habe

Ein Versuch…

IMG_0836 (Medium)

If miss lovely Meier
would have lived before
she would have on a pyre
been burned in midts of a roar
her hair – red as a fire
would have proved the court
she is a real Vampire
and no one could have thwart
her destiny was dire
although the time was near
the womenhood entire
would fight for their affair
How lucky is miss Meier
that nowadays she lives
with only one desire
to love what life her gives
she does not much require
but she enjoys a lot
her peaceful brig empire
with thanks for what she got
many do admire
her style but what she wants
that it would set a fire
and each one in Response
would straight himself aquire
this beauty point of view
of love which will inspire
a whole world just to do
what never will expire
but finally will lead
the world to God’s empire
which is miss Meier’s creed