Punchinello instead of Peeple

DSC02194 (Medium) (2)pure horror gripped me today while reading the newspaper „Blick am Abend“ on the way back home from work. No, it was not about a dirty pedophile story, nor a refugee drama, nor a natural disaster. Much worse! I read about the new Internet portal „Peeple“, which creates the opportunity to rate our fellow human beings with stars . Just like  it is common to do with hotels, movies, books ect. But now it is about humans! Anyone can join, provided he has a facebook account. Imagine this! At least now we can understand to which goal we are heading with Facebook and all these alleged social networks. I predict the end! The end of any respect for our fellow man , the end of tolerance and honor, uniqueness, the end of benevolence and goodness, charity and compassion. Simply … .. the end of humanity.

Bewertung, "du bist einmalig von Max Lucado

Rating, you are special, by Max Lucado

Who wants to go even deeper into a world where there are only stars or possibly black spots, should  read the story of Punchinello by Max Lucado. (the book got five stars….hehe) If we have lost wisdom, then we might need to start with children books all over again. I plead  for Punchinello instead of „Peeple“and hope I am wrong with my prediction.

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